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We use certified GORE-TEX® materials in all our products, which makes our clothes and footwear as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our clothes and footwear made of GORE-TEX material is:

  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • durable
  • comfortable
  • light footwear
  • adapted to winter conditions 
  • easy to pack 
  • tested in all conditions 


Our customers have recognized the quality of GORE-TEX technology! They now enjoy leisure activities or working without hindrance, regardless of the weather conditions. See the most popular products of your choice.

Customer reviews

  • - Filip, soldier
    "I give five stars because the clothes protect me from rain and storm. Gore Tex is the best material that breathes and is waterproof. I am very satisfied!"
    - Filip, soldier
  • – Ana, policewoman
    "These are the best and most comfortable boots I've ever worn in my entire nearly 20-year career! I highly recommend them."
    – Ana, policewoman
  • – Šimun, snowboarder
    "I'm happy with the boots. I expected them to be uncomfortable, but that's not the case. The advantage is that they have big sizes."
    – Šimun, snowboarder
  • – Luka, firefighter
    "In terms of performance, this clothes is amazing. It's super warm and completely weather resistant. I keep my cell phone in my pocket and it's never gotten wet."
    – Luka, firefighter
  • – Marko, climber
    "Great boots. I've been wearing them for years and I recommend them to everyone. Exceptional quality, great functionality, very comfortable and they look great!"
    – Marko, climber

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