Gore combine research in the fundamental science of fluoropolymers with a thorough understanding of the challenges the customer face to engineer durable, breathable, protective fabrics.

Gore operate in their own technical development laboratories with testing equipment comparable to that of independent institutes. In these labs, Gore develop and test new GORE® fabrics, and they further refine manufacturing technologies. They even develop new testing methods to ensure that GORE® products meet highest performance standards.

Abrasion resistance test

The standard way to test a fabric’s resistance to abrasion is to use a specially designed machine that rubs the fabric with either wool or sandpaper, with considerable pressure.

Resistance to a water penetration test

Waterprofness test – determination of a resistance to water penetration under pressue (> 100.000 Pa).

Delamination test

Testing a delamination after many washing cycles (> 50 washing cycles).

Rain tower test

Proves the waterproofness of GORE-TEX Garments.
The Gore rain tower is the most important test method to ensure that GORE-TEX Garments are waterproof under even the most difficult practical conditions. All styles of GORE-TEX Garments must endure simulated hours of rain before going into production.